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Unique Landscape

The unique architecture, landscape and interior design elements of this luxury resort and spa combined with the cozy comfort of the wooden bungalows, the welcoming landscape, the sense of freedom and safety are what makes Sanctuario de San Pablo the true ideal location that takes us back to the soul of Nature and to the essence of our Being.

Sanctuario de San Pablo Amenities

Perfect Event Space

The beautiful landscape is the idyllic scenario for a country wedding and other events that is close to nature.

Contemporary Decor

The cozy ambiance brings you closer to home. You will simply love lounging the day away, making you want to come back and stay longer.  

Luxury Spa Treatments

From pampering facials and
relaxing body treatments to rejuvenating aromatherapy,
let our Spa Treatment bring out 

your inner beauty.

Superb Cuisine

Give yourself a taste of sensory overload and excite your palate with our world-renowned menu and savory local delicacies.

Picturesque Gardens

Stroll by our gardens and take a breath of fresh air! Take photos and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Relaxing Pools

Take a leisurely day off from the busy city and immerse yourself in a day under the sun! Relax by the poolside and leave your worries behind. 

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